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Mainstream TV is waking-up to the real world and we are psyched. Case in point is the America’s Next Top Model’s decision to feature the stunning 19 year old Chantelle Brown-Young, AKA Winnie Harlow, as a contestant in its new season premiering this summer. Winnie, who is Canadian, was bullied in school for having the rare skin condition vitalgo and called things like “zebra” and “cow” has been photographed by master photographer Nick Knight and its not hard to understand why.

Winnie is crazy beautiful by any standard, but she also brave, soulful and audacious. “We have nothing different about ourselves. It's just skin,” she says, “People have black skin, people have brown skin, I have both.” We are rooting for Winnie and have new admiration for Tyra Banks for bringing her on the show. Awesome women.