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Savages is an all-girl post-punk band from London that formed in 2011, fronted by French singer Jehnny Beth with Gemma Thompson on guitar, Aye Hassan on bass, and Fay Milton. We loved their album Silence Yourself for its fierce, unapologetic take on love and life, reminiscent of some of our favorite bands like Joy Division and Siouxie and the Banshees, but with an updated, original sound that is rhythmic, melodic, and unrelentingly in-your-face. While the first album had standout cuts like Husbands and Strife, their new EP containing extended live takes that brings them very much into CMPL T UNKN WN "cool punk" territory. They cover the Suicide's cult reference point Dream Baby Dream, but the 10-minute long F*ckers is a classic in its own right. Apart from the slow building rave-up driven by big guitars and sledgehammer percussion, its Jehnny Beth's frenzied delivery and cool, minimal and edgy look that has us entranced. She is very much a CMPL T UNKN WN chick and we can see her rocking our WOLF SILVER clutch.