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We travel. We mess with cities, dive into their pasts and meet their inhabitants. But mostly we are interested in mining new places for inspiration and edginess. One of the cities we are loving is Warsaw. The Polish capital, spread out on either side of the beautiful Vistula river, was almost completely wiped out after the Warsaw Uprising against German Occupation was brutally squashed resulting in over 150,000 civilian deaths. Brutalized first by the Germans and later the Russians, Poland has had a painful and bloody past but that is what makes its renaissance remarkable and inspiring. And Warsaw best represents the new energy, art, commerce and optimism of Poland. The city has a bustling, raw energy, a global edginess brought about by a beautiful, tattooed and hungry youth culture and a modern design aesthetic evident in its architecture and art. A new film Miasto 44, relives the Warsaw Uprising, an event most Poles have strong emotions about. The film may not coincide with most Polish perspectives on the uprising, or the historical facts around it, but it certainly embodies cutting-edge film making that re-casts the uprising into as an epic, romantic and cinematic event. Here is the trailer for the film, directed by Jana Komasy, which tells the story of a doomed resistance but also is an homage to the youth of Poland and the spirit of Warsaw.

Also, Sharon Van Etten's Warsaw, is the song that comes closest to articulating the feelings that this beautiful city evokes. Here's to you Warsaw…