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Mystic River. This girl is. We call her Kling. The Gods assembled Kling when they were in a particularly extravagant mood. Because she is deeply spiritual but highly skeptical of bullshit: religious and political propaganda; shallow ideals, empty promises. She has the physical presence of a goddess, the heart of an activist, and the mind of Salvador Dali. Kling grew up in Kansas City Missouri, studied at Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia, and later moved to California. We shot her in Los Angeles, the Mohave Desert and places no civilized person should go. Kling now lives in Bushwick, New York, where she is stirring up trouble as a jewelry designer. Her deeply awesome handmade jewelry is the kind of stuff the girls who dated Jesus wore - beautiful pieces that seem hundreds of years old but are also wickedly gothic and punk.

Kling is more of a patriot than anyone we have met and has the strange, tormented beauty of a vanished America that some of us ache for: mysterious eyes and a sinner’s mouth in an angel face framed by long, bronze hair that catches fire in the sun. Frankly, she is so beautiful and crazy she scares the hell out of us. Watch out for Heathen, Kling’s new jewelry line about to be unleashed upon the world. We love you, Kling. We will wear the heck out of your jewels.