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Anna Rezan Kritseli is starburst. She is a rising actress and singer; muse, global traveler and spreader of happiness and goodwill. Anna is vivacious, boisterous, generous and intelligent. If you are hyperactive and going off the deep end, Anna can recommend you a spiritual healer. She is that kind of girl. While the multilingual Anna is gorgeous and of the veritable Greek-Eskanazi-Spanish heritage- she is also seriously talented. She has modeled for the likes of Cartier and appeared in numerous TV and movie projects including “The Good Wife”, and “La Comedia” by Amos Poe. She has also co-starred with Robert Benigni in “Love At First Sight” and “Katharasis”. Watch out for her in the forthcoming “Happiness Is a Warm Gun”, also directed by Amos Poe. Anna has traveled the world and lived in Los Angeles, New York and Athens. She is the kind of open-minded, compassionate but edgy woman that embodies the brand values of C MPLT UNKN WN. We shot Anna at the Grand Bretagne Hotel in the heart of Athens. They haven’t recovered yet.