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Grace Wales Bonner is an English-Jamaican menswear designer who is exploring the space between European ideals of opulence, elegance and black identity. Influenced by black visual culture and critical theory, her designs subvert both constructs of masculinity and the hallmarks of privilege that define European luxury fashion. Powerful, refreshing and sensual, the designer’s poetic commentary on race and masculinity is ground breaking. We especially loved the boys dripping in opulence and deliberate Chanel references, wearing satin ballet slippers and flares with the word ‘Afro’ embroidered on to the back pocket –  at Fashion East AW15 presentation. 

“I feel like I’ve seen enough images of black men looking really aggressive, very hypersexualised or ‘street’. That’s not how I think about men at all. That’s not the men in my life.” says Wales Bonner