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Six months in the making, our Mad Metal Collection is finally here. It is a distillation of everything we stand for- high design, incomparable craftsmanship, superlative quality, a punk aesthetic and a love for the earth we live on. It seems easy and obvious now- this collection of seductive and glamorous pieces in iconic shapes and electric shades- but it’s always challenging to go against the grain to create such wild, handcrafted beauty within a reasonable price point while being committed to staying environmentally friendly.

We drew inspiration from the icons of glam and punk rock- The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust persona, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Marc Bolan, Roxy Music and PJ Harvey from the days of To Bring You My Love. These radical artists influenced the collection’s bold form and scintillating color palette and also inspired the CMPLT UNNWN team with their irreverence, disregard for rules and passionate devotion to their art and fans.

CMPLT UNKNWN is not just about great looking fashion confections- all of our products are conceived conscientiously and handmade by craftsmen with a view to being gentle to the environment. We source raw materials of the highest quality from suppliers who share our vision. The  Mad Metal collection is made from Italian vegan leather lame and faux embossed croco, and is fitted with Japanese zippers and handmade hardware. Each piece is hand-stitched using water based non-toxic glue..

The true starting point for this glamorous new collection is the CMPLT UNKNWN woman- a distinctive, empowered individual who  relishes making bold statements and creates trends rather than follow them. Our customers are hedonistic creatures who care little for age, color, gender stereotypes and narrow definitions of beauty and style. The world is their oyster but they respect the earth and the other humans they share it with. We dedicate the Glam collection to you, the CMPLT UNKWN woman and hope you will trip on carrying these bags as much as we did while creating them.