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At CMPLT UNKNWN we are big believers in authenticity, whether it be in vision, concept or execution. So we are excited by the launch of PYLOT magazine, a fashion-centric publication dedicated to unvarnished representations of men and women allowing blemishes and subtleties, imperfections and nuances to add depth and meaning to an image. What a brave and contrarian stance against the homogenized, one-dimensional and unrealistic standards of beauty the age of Photoshop has precipitated. Below are PYLOT’s requirements for photo submissions:

“PHOTOGRAPHY all images created with intentions of being displayed with PYLOT Magazine must be shot on analogue cameras, or must be created using an analogue process. No beauty retouching is allowed. By this we mean that you cannot administer any changes to the condition of the skin (spots, blemishes), eyes (brightening), teeth (whitening) or body (liquifying). Retouching on images is allowed at a basic level for things such as: colour correction, brightness and contrast adjustments”

British photographer Max Barnett who published the first issue by raising funds on Kickstarter started the magazine. Apart from its au naturale philosophy and focus on the analogue photography, it also features a new breed of photographers like Ren Hang, Tom Johnson and Andre Titcombe, and creating a refreshing new visual perspective on a jaded industry that is screaming for re-invention. We are going out and buying PYLOT. You should too.