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We’ve had a crush on this chick since she blew our minds with her explosive performance in the 2009 film Precious in which she played a 16 year-old mother who had been raped by her father. She lifted that incredible film from its dark premise into an uplifting modern classic with her nuanced acting. Why she did not win the Academy Award for Best Actress that year is a mystery like so many others in the weird world of media. Since then we have delighted in her appearance as Queenie, a young witch in that crazy gothic extravaganza American Horror Story and are digging her on Empire - the awesome music series on Fox. Yes, Fox puts out some great shit some times. Surprise. 

Gabourey Sidibe is the type of hard-core, inspiring New York City woman who is a role model to millions around the world. Dreams and grit. Audacity and talent. Pure beauty. She mentioned in an interview that before she got the role in Precious, she was given the following advise by the actress Joan Cussack: "Oh honey, you should really quit the business. It's so image-conscious.” Wow. We would have said “Go kill them, babe, you are what we need to change this industry.”