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The real provocateur in music today is FKA Twigs who just dropped a new EP called M3LL155X (pronounced Melissa) featuring five adventurous new tracks and a jaw-dropping, wild and unhinged 16-minute video featuring the insane Michele Lamy who we have written about before in a star turn as some kind of sci-fi sorceress. Pitchfork has a great review of the EP and video, which left us spellbound, vaguely unsettled but inspired.


Twigs’ music is challenging and confrontational tackling subjects like domination and submission, vulnerability, identity, subjugation, and of course love. Her sense of style, on ample display in her high-concept videos, most of which she directs herself, is varied and edgy, dressing characters she plays herself, ranging from sex-doll to seductress, pregnant pretty-girl, runway model, dominatrix etc. The videos are brazen and fearless works of art in themselves, crammed with sophisticated cinematography and dramatic narrative tackling explosive subject matter. 


This is an artist who is very much the CMPLT UNKNWN woman: fierce, fearless, with a strong, sometimes incendiary point of view-the kind of woman for whom we created the Wolf Gold clutch. 

In a clamorous media space filled with mindless nonsense and disposable content FKA Twigs stands out as an empowered, ultra-feminist role model who early in her career displays completely mastery over her art as a musician and performer, but is also a provocateur and a true original in an increasingly safe and vanilla music industry.