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We are super psyched that Polly Jean Harvey has announced her first book: The Hollow of the Hand, a collection of images and poetry created in collaboration with photographer / filmmaker Seamus Murphy. The book chronicles the authors' travels around the world between 2011 and 2014, to locations such as Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Washington, D.C.

“Gathering information from secondary sources felt too far removed for what I was trying to write about. I wanted to smell the air, feel the soil and meet the people of the countries I was fascinated with. My friend Seamus Murphy and I agreed to grow a project together – I would collect words, he would collect pictures, following our instincts on where we should go”
  P. J Harvey

THE HAND, Afghanistan

People pass the hand.

There are sounds of car horns and music.
People pass the hand that begs.

Three boys in hoods fold their arms
and swerve away from the hand,
the hand that begs in the rain.

A woman in blue will not look
at the hand that begs,
stretching out in the rain.

People come and go, looking at their phones.
Nobody takes the hand
stretching out, shining in the rain.

In the hollow of the hand
is a folded square
of paper,