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Wasp Gold Garnet
clutch from our Animal Nitrate collection has been getting a lot of love lately. The uber fabulous Cool Hunting featured it in their buy list this October. Let’s take you on a little trip about how the embroidery was created. Two summers ago we were poring over sick vintage insect illustrations and found our beloved wasp in a jumble of books and digital downloads. We set to work by drawing and resizing the vintage art. The idea was to create a baroque-meets punk wasp that did not exist. After testing various hand embroidery techniques, we settled for the ari stitch which is done with a hooked needle ( a legacy of the mughal karkhanas from 18th century). The spring metal thread used in this embroidery is ornate, durable and lends a 3D effect to the finished piece. It takes two artisans over 4 days on a loom to embroider each Wasp Gold Garnet clutch. We love how each wasp is slowly transformed into this rock n roll insect. Resplendent and extremely beautiful.