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Yeah. Brittany Howard had us in a tilt-a-whirl with the spectacular Sound and Color, the last Alabama Shakes album, but with Thunderbitch, her new side project, she grabbed us by the throat, flipped us over and spanked the hell out of our bottoms. It’s so good, this record. A deadly garage rock experiment gone right that evokes the ghosts of Janis Joplin, the New York Dolls and the Velvet Underground from around the time uncle Lou still knew how to party.

This record is full of explosives. For example the unbearably tension-filled “Closer” which explodes cathartically right at the fucking end. “Eastside” a mad stomp, shames us into feeling like moving from yuppie-fied DUMBO to the east side, wherever that might be, and the down and dirty rocker, “Very Best Friend” which might have been the Stones and James Brown jamming together behind Queen Brittany’s epic lament.

Bitch, you got us heated.