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Complete Unknown is a bold new fashion brand that juxtaposes the non-conformist attitude of punk and rock & roll music with craftsmanship and ethical business practices. We create collectible fashion accessories of superlative quality that are produced by fairly paid artisans. We are a vegetarian brand committed to using non-toxic, sustainable, high quality materials, and do not use animal leather, feathers, fur or skin. We are a radically inclusive brand devoted to creating positive change and celebrating the diversity of the human condition. 


Afshan is a New York based designer who studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan and launched Lost City Products, one of the world’s leading studios for hand-embroidered fabrics. Her iconic and breathtaking embroideries range from Gothic, Medieval, and Weiner Werkstatte inspired designs to edgier references such as forensic evidence and poetry. Lost City Products’ fabrics are commissioned by leading architects and interior designers. With Complete Unknown, Afshan is applying her extensive experience in refining artisanship and elevating the art of hand-embroidery to creating a refreshing new genre of fashion accessories.

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