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To celebrate Women’s History month, we picked 4 artists who use hand embroidery in bold, irreverent, and sumptuous ways. These artists’ works have an ecological dimension—whether through the use of sustainable materials or transformation of found objects. 

“Craft is in its very nature anti-consumerist, anti-mass production, and sustainable.”- Borda-Pedreira


Inge Jacobsen

Inge Jacobsen is an Irish-born artist who’s in the business of embroidery and collage. Interested in the over saturation of images, Jacobsen seeks to create work which is unique by using found imagery, stitching onto anything from newspaper articles to adverts to magazine covers.


Nilraya Bundasak

Nilraya Bundasak is a Thailand born artist who creates vivid paintings that celebrate adornment and individuality through the application of fabric and embroidery.


Aya Haidar

Aya Haidar is a British Lebanese artist whose work focuses on the use of found and recycled objects exploring loss, migration and memory. Her hand-embroidered interventions onto culturally and historically specific objects, unfold silenced and authentic narratives around socially and politically engaged issues. 

Meriem Yin

Meriem Yin is a Moroccan artist whose signature work focuses on surreal interpretations of daily Moroccan scenes. She injects a sense of humor and optimism in her art by mixing hand embroidery and photography.