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We are intent on salvaging and growing artisanship so as to restore the livelihood and dignity of craftspeople under threat of extinction. Machines cannot replicate the beauty, soul and authenticity of a handmade product.


Mindful processes and fair practices define us. Our goal is to have zero impact on the environment and build a business that enhances rather than reduces the world we live in.


Sophisticated, provocative design and superior quality are key characteristics of our products. Our products push the boundaries of traditional artisanship and bring hand-embroidery into the realm of iconic high fashion.

Complete Unknown Design


We are a global-minded, progressive brand and believe in equality and the exhilaration of diversity. We have a broad, multidimensional view of beauty and are intolerant of stereotypes related to gender, sexual orientation, body-type, age, race, religion, economic status and anything else that is unfair or oppressive.