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What’s with Denmark anyway? Why does this tiny country keep producing megawatt talent? Is it the food? Clean water? The air? Better shrinks? And how come their talent is so diverse across race, gender, industry and… amount of crazy? On the film front they have auteur directors like Nicolas Winding Refn whose films Drive and Only God Forgives are visual feasts both starring Ryan Gosling; and Lars Von Trier who has made some of the most controversial and (mostly) brilliant films of the past two decades, including “Nymphomaniac”, a film so vast in its audacity and ambitions it was released in two parts.

It’s really irritating, Denmark. It’s almost impossible to get a table at NOMA, the much touted restaurant in Copenhagen but somehow the country produced Deepika Padukone, the famous Bollywood actress and Viggo Mortensen who is not only a great actor but also a painter, poet and photographer. Jesus. Stop it already. What’s the connection between hard-to-get-tables at NOMA and Danish film stars you ask? We don’t know. It’s just upsetting.

And now there’s , the electro/post-punk singer and gorgeous apparition whose 2014 debut album No Mythologies To Follow received rave reviews and sparked comparisons to Grimes. But MØ, whose real name is Karen Marie Ørsted, is headed for bigger things, as the video for her new single Kamikaze proves. The catchy, hypnotic, vaguely Middle-Eastern tinged song is a collaboration with Diplo, and the video was shot in Kiev and directed by Truman and Cooper.

The video is bursting with manic creative energy and a kind of sporty steampunk aesthetic that is a lighter, backyard version of Mad Max: Fury Road or a whiter, more sanitized take on MIA’s scorching and sexy “Bad Girls”.  Whatever the hell it is, Kamikaze is wild and wonderful and so is MØ, (which means “virgin” in Danish) the kind of crazy beautiful pop star who would look even wilder with a Complete Unknown clutch.

Yeah the Danes are so good it makes us angry. But all is forgiven after Kamikaze MØ, whose new album is
eagerly awaited here at Complete Unknown.