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As pack animals, wolves are intensely loyal. Exalted for their devotion in some cultures; reviled as evil in others, they now face extinction. The sinewy leopard, a being of sensuality, strength, intelligence, and perseverance is an animal of powerful shamanic resonance in myth and literature. And like the wolf, it is endangered. Replicated in fine silk and metal threads, the feral snarl of these mysterious and magnificent beasts, embroidered on a Complete Unknown bag is a sexy call of the wild.

Fusing Old World traditions of unparalleled craftsmanship with the non-conformist edge of punk and rock-n-roll with a "do no harm" philosophy, Complete Unknown introduces a bold, new approach to modern luxury accessories. An ethical, vegetarian brand committed to sustainable practices and zero environmental impact subverts the notion that leather equals luxury. Its sophisticated design upends the tired “granola” trope with poetry and punk, fierce women and wild animals.


Animal Kingdom, the new collection of cross body bags and clutches, presents an homage to predatory animals: the supreme loyalty of the wolf, the ferocious beauty of the leopard and in scorpions, wasps, and beetles, the fierce power of the small. Exquisitely rendered in time-honored hand-embroidery techniques, these creatures enliven Complete Unknown’s cruelty-free handbags. Crafted in Italian vegan leather and velvet by highly skilled artisans in India, they create a unique synthesis of endangered species and vanishing artisanship.

Collisions of art and music, “falling lovely and amazing” across time and geography inform Complete Unknown's designs. Influences cut a wide swath from PJ Harvey and Nick Cave to 15th-century Dutch artist Hieronymous Bosch and Albrecht Dürer, who in 1505 elevated the lowly stag beetle into an iconic work of art.

Complete Unknown's Animal Kingdom exemplifies luxury at its highest, a confluence of extreme beauty and daring design crafted with quality and conscience in a time-honored tradition. The decadent new collection, with its rock-n-roll swag and nuanced message, offers a vivid glimpse of the vanishing wild to collect and savor.




Wolf Image: Christian Houge
Leopard Image: Marcy Mendelson
Model Image: Lauren Espiritu-Philson